The Terrainator

Accurate 3D-Printable Terrain Models


The Terrainator allows you to select an arbitrary piece of geography, and have an accurate scale model generated and uploaded to Shapeways, ready for 3D-printing.

Terrainator Process


How much do the models cost?
The costs depends on the volume of material required to make the model. Flat areas are therefore cheaper than mountainous areas, but are also less fun! We give an estimate of the cost, but on top of this Shapeways will add tax and shipping, which depends on where in the world you are.
How big are the models?
The models are initially scaled so that the base is 48 square centimetres. There is now the option to scale models up to 200 square centimetres. Look for the ‘Drag to resize model’ slider on the model page.
What are the models made out of
We recommend printing them in sandstone, but other materials are available. Including silver, if you're feeling flush…
What about buildings?
The source data is a Digital terrain model, which represents the bare ground surface, excluding buildings and plants.
Why doesn't the site work in my browser?
The site requires a browser which supports WebGL, which it uses for the 3D previews. Some older browsers might not support this.
Who made this?
This site was created by Dan Wilson — a web developer based in Edinburgh.
Send an email to support@ this domain.